Meredith Clark Powell


Yale University                                                                        


Ph.D. Physics   (Expected 2019)                                                                            
M. Phil                                                                                      
M.S. Physics                                                                            

University of California, Davis                                                  

B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Emphasis – Summa Cum Laude
GPA: 3.93; Minor: Music


Yale University Physics Department                                      

Research Assistant – Advisor: Prof. C. Megan Urry
           - Studied the multi-scale environments of accreting supermassive black holes in various multi-wavelength surveys
           - Supervised three undergraduates for summer projects

Teaching Assistant
           - 3 semesters of leading discussions/study sessions for introductory physics course
           - 1 semester of teaching lab session for introductory physics course
           - 2 semesters of leading study sessions for upper division astrophysics course

UC Davis Physics Department                                                 

Honors Thesis – Advisor: Prof. Tony Tyson
            - Measured the stacked weak lens signal of galaxy clusters in the Deep Lens Survey as a function of projected radius and redshift

Physics Learning Assistant
            - Assisted in the discussion/lab section for the physics series geared towards biology majors

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana                                  

REU Student
            - Measured the acoustic properties of the viola via phase sensitive harmonic analyses

Successful Proposals as PI

Palomar DBSP, “Completing a Census of Black Hole Masses and Accretion Rates in the Local Universe,” 3 nights, 2019B
Palomar DBSP, “Completing a Census of Black Hole Masses and Accretion Rates in the Local Universe,” 3 nights, 2018B
Palomar DBSP, “A Census of Supermassive Black Hole Growth Across the Universe,” 3 nights, 2018A
Palomar DBSP, “Completing a Census of Black Hole Masses and Accretion Rates in the Local Universe,” 5 nights, 2017B
NuSTAR, “What is Causing the New, Extreme Variability in Mrk 1018?,”40 ks, 2017 ($43k)

Conference Presentations

“The Environments of Accreting Supermassive Black Holes,” Dissertation Talk, American Astronomical Society, 233, 2019
Invited Talk:
“Clustering of X-ray selected AGN”, Accretion History of AGN Workshop, Miami, 2018
"Clustering of Hard X-ray AGN," Are AGN Special? 2018
Invited Talk: "Black Hole Mass Estimates of Swift/BAT AGN," Palomar Science Meeting, 2018
“Clustering of Hard X-ray selected AGN” (poster), NERQUAM #28, 2018
Invited Talk: “AGN Clustering in the BAT Sample,” American Astronomical Society, 231, 2018
“Markarian 1018 returns to the shadows after 30 years as a Type 1 AGN,” Unveiling the Physics Behind Extreme AGN Variability, 2017
“Probing the Properties of AGN Clustering in the Local Universe with Swift-BAT,” The X-ray Universe, 2017
“The Role of Mergers in Quenching Star Formation” (poster), Hidden Monsters, 2016
“Studying the Role of Mergers in Black Hole - Galaxy Co-evolution via a Morphological Analysis of Redshift 1 Galaxies,” American Astronomical Society, 228, 2016

Honors and Awards

NASA CT Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship
Leigh Page Prize, Yale University Physics Department
Saxon Patten Prize, UC Davis Physics Department
Citation for Outstanding Performance, UC Davis Physics Department
Membership to Sigma Pi Sigma (Undergraduate Physics Honor Society)
UC Davis Symphony Orchestra - Principal Violist


Observing facilities used: SOAR (4 nights), Keck (6 nights), Palomar (15 nights), Chandra, NuSTAR
Computer programming experience in Python, C/C++, R
X-ray data analysis experience using XSpec, CIAO, NuSTARDAS, and Sherpa
Optical/NIR Imaging and spectral data analysis experience with IRAF and ds9
Experience with html and SQL

Proposal Review Service

NASA ADAP Review Panel, 2018


First Author articles

M. C. Powell, B. Husemann, G. R. Tremblay, M. Krumpe, T. Urrutia, S. A. Baum, G. Busch, F. Combes, S. M. Croom, T. A. Davis, A. Eckart, C. P. O’Dea, M. Perez-Torres, J. Scharwachter, I. Smirnova-Pinchukova, and C. M. Urry. "The Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS): No Evidence of Galaxy-Scale Hot Outflows in Two Nearby AGN." 2018, A&A, 618, A27.

M. C. Powell, N. Cappelluti, C.M. Urry, M. Koss, A. Finoguenov, C. Ricci, B. Trakhtenbrot, V. Allevato, M. Ajello, K. Oh, K. Schawinski, N. Secrest. “The Swift/BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey -- IX. The Clustering Environments of an Unbiased Sample of Local AGN” 2018, ApJ, 858, 110.

M. C. Powell, C. M. Urry, C. Cardamone, B. D. Simmons, K. Schawinski, S. Young, M. Kawakatsu. “Morphology and the Color-Mass Diagram as Clues to Galaxy Evolution at z~1.” 2017, ApJ, 835, 22.

Co-authored articles

R. E. Bär, B. Trakhtenbrot, K. Oh, M. J. Koss, O. I. Wong, C. Ricci, K. Schawinski, A. K. Weigel, L. F. Sartori, K. Ichikawa, N. J. Secrest, D. Stern, F. Pacucci, R. Mushotzky,
M. C. Powell, F. Ricci, K. L. Smith, I. Lamperti, and C. M. Urry. "BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey --  XIII. The nature of the most luminous obscured AGN in the low-redshift universe." 2018, submitted to MNRAS.

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